Bespoke Rugs

Accumulating a huge experience over the years in producing bespoke rugs, allows us to meet all kinds of demands and accomplish most complex designs.

Any design can be adapted in terms of size, fibres and colours. Should you have your own idea or preferences, we could take these into account. We can tailor any rug to suit your requirements.

Our custom service allows you to adopt an existing design from our portfolio or to create something entirely new.

Our team of experts will keep you fully updated throughout the order process, produce drawings of the projected style and the way it would look once made.

Should you have your own design, our team will work with you each step of the way to ensure your rug is perfect.

All bespoke designs are priced individually depending on the complexity of design and colours required.

Weaving a rug can take two to four months depending on the size, complexity of the design and the knot density. Oversizes and wall-to-wall rugs may take longer.

We work closely with internatinally renowned interior designers and architects.


There are many ways in which a rug can be knotted or woven. We use different techniques to produce a range of textural surfaces.

Hand-carving. The elements of the design have been hand-carved to give the patterns an added dimension.

Hand knotted silk rugs

Raised pile. The pile can be hand trimmed to different heights to add a three-dimensional quality to the design.

There are many materials to choose from. Different yarns display different properties of softness and luster. Some are smooth and cool to the touch while others are warm and soft.

A combination of new zealand wool & bamboo silk.

A combination of tibetan wool & natural chinese silk.

A mixture of loop, tibetan wool and chinese silk with high and low pile height.

Silk and Bamboo Silk

Silk: The finest silk is still thought to be that from China, and we use this to give the ultimate shine and softness. Silk rugs are the most intricate and often most valuable of all hand-knotted rugs. The lustrous Chinese Silk adds a touch of sophistication to any room. As well as reflecting light, the luster also amplifies colours to a jewel-like intensity. Silk is very strong, though it is considered rather more technical to clean.

Bamboo Silk: The fibers of the bamboo plant are very long and strong. With special treatment they can be spun into a yarn that is lustrous like silk. It is an economical alternative to Chinese Silk and gives a rustic finish to the rug when blended with wool.


100% Chinese Silk.

100% Bamboo Silk.

We can create the rug of your dreams to the exact colour match from our colour poms. Over 5.000 colours and shades to choose from.

With the assistance of our team you will be able to make a choice from thousands of colour shades and even match the rug to a sample of something you bring to us.

Colour poms for wool & silk.

Bespoke design. Working on a new custom rug.