Our in-house modern and exclusive rugs are made in the workshops of Nepal and India according to old traditions. The materials we use are the most luxurious: chinese silk, bamboo, cashmere, linen, mohair, angora, nettle, tibetan and newzealand wool.

The textiles dye we use is of the highest quality. With over 6.000 colors in our gallery we can use any colour that may come to one’s mind. No chemicals or bleaching agents are used in our rugs.

We use two different hand made techniques depending on the design. This is the so called Tibetan knot quality perfect for modern and contemporary rugs, and the Persian knot quality used for most classic design rugs.

All designs are created in our own design studio in Pleven, Bulgaria, using a special software for scales and CAD-Visualizations. All kinds of finishes: deep carving or raised pile will give your rug a special and unique look.

You can choose a particular rug style like floral, abstract, geometric.


We can tailor any rug to suit your requirements.

We use only natural dyes made in Switzerland.

For more detailed information please contact us at any time.