STEFAN HASYANOV design & decor

Luxury Hand Knotted Rugs

STEFAN HASYANOV design & decor

Project: Italy, Forte Dei Marmi

Bathroom accessories: rugs, robes and towels

Abyss & Habidecor

Custom hand knotted rugs

We make top-quality bespoke rugs to satisfy the highest demands.
A mixture of current fashion trends and traditions.

STEFAN HASYANOV design & decor

The finest exquisite collection.

Our superb quality rugs will transform your space into a dazzling retreat.
The materials used are the most luxurious: chinese silk, cashmere and linen.

The most stunning up to date selection of contemporary and traditional designs.

Have a browse through our gallery.

STEFAN HASYANOV design & decor

We offer unique and extensive designs

Accumulating a huge experience over the years in producing bespoke rugs, allows us to meet all kinds of demands and accomplish most complex designs.

We stock a wide range of rugs in different sizes and designs. Specific shapes and sizes can be ordered. You can choose from over 5.000 shades of colour. A range of samples, fibres and technques to explore.

Any design can be adapted in terms of size, fibres and colours. Should you have your own idea or preferences, we would take these into account.

We can tailor any rug to suit your requirements. Exclusive one-offs.

Bespoke. Made to order.

We collaborate with the best artisans and craftsmen. The custom made service is aimed at architects and interior designers. Our custom service allows you to adopt an existing design from our portfolio or to create something entirely new. Should you have your own design, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your rug is perfect.

We provide an exclusive service for high end and finely woven one of a kind rugs. All bespoke designs are priced individually depending on the complexity of design and colours required. Weaving a rug can take two to four months depending on the size, complexity of the design and the knot density. Oversizes and wall-to-wall rugs may take longer.

Free shipment within EU countries. Best quality guaranteed. Unlimited customizing possibilities and endless colour choices. Free samples for Architects & design agencies.